SpainYourWay is proud to offer our clients the most incredible and astonishing sailing adventures in The Atlantics and the Fjords of Galicia, Las Rias Baixas.

We are our self very experienced sailors, with many nautical miles behind us and we will not hesitate to claim, that in no other part of Spain you will find any better conditions for sailing than in Las Rias Baixas.

Setting sails in the afternoon as the northern summer wind raises and making the perfect sailing conditions, or anchoring at some of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches in the world, is just some parts of the sailing adventures that is awaiting you.

On our tours, SailYourWay, we have exclusively selected the most spectacular beaches, the best places for anchoring, and of course, a rich variation of restaurants where to eat delicious seafood accompanied with some of Spain´s finest wines from our beautiful Region.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or this is your first sailing adventure, you will definitely have some unforgettable moments ahead of you. With our professional and dedicated Skippers you can feel safe, relaxed and enjoy the sun and the scenery. But you could also take advantage of the perfect sailing conditions in Las Rias Baixas and turn your sailing holidays into an active self –sailing adventure– in other words, with our offers, SailingYourWay, you can enjoy sailing just the way you like it.



Sailing Exclusive Rias Baixas

Experience this extraordinary seven day journey along the coast of Rias Baixas in Galicia, on a comfortable modern sailing boat. During this seven day tour, you and your fellow 8 passengers (maximum) will experience [...]

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