Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, then take another deep breath, as you allow your eyes to discover the environment surrounding you. You are in a place of outmost beauty and tranquillity, no noise from anywhere, just the soothing sound from a little creek nearby…

This description could easily match one of our carefully selected Wellness retreats. Refuges where you can come and join classes of yoga, meditation, tai-chi or any other kind of mind-expanding activity.

Imagine having Yoga and Meditation classes in the morning as the sun rises over the mountains, then walking along one of the thousands small paths that is connecting the region, maybe leading you to a little winery or a cottage where you can experience the Galician Cuisine, and as the evening embraces you, you will be enjoying one of the famous Galician natural thermal baths.

SpainYourWay guides you through an incredible variation of mind-healing experiences, and what better place to rediscover your inner self, than in the ancient Galicia with its mythical and spiritual history.

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